• Editor, with Alan Pulverness, of the Proceedings of the Oxford Conference on the Teaching of Literature (2002 and 2003)
  • Programme manager of the Penguin Active Readers Teacher Support Programme (CD-Roms and on-line materials)
  • Editor of the IATEFL Literature, Media and Cultural Studies Special Interest Group Newsletter. Issue 30. February 2007 (special issue on Cultural Studies in Argentina).
  • General editor of the series ‘Diálogo entre culturas’. Páginas para el Alumno. Aportes para la enseñanza. Nivel medio and the corresponding teacher’s guides:

- Anna in Argentina (Italian), by Claudia Fernández Grecco, ISBN 978-987-549-416-9 

- Palavra de amigos (Portuguese), by Silvina González, ISBN 978-987-549-418-3.

- Meeting cultures (English), by Florencia Perduca, ISBN 978-987-549-412-1.

- Entre Paris et Buenos Aires (French), by Rosana Pasquale, ISBN 978-987-549-414-5. Buenos Aires: Ministry of Education. City of Buenos Aires, 2009. See materials

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