The texts are listed by author, in alphabetical order. Only works whose content is at least partially related to Argentina have been listed.

  • ANDREWS, J. (1827). Journey from Buenos Ayres Through the Provinces of Cordova, Tucuman and Salta to Potosi. Thence by the Deserts of Caranja to Africa, and Subsequently to Santiago de Chile and Coquimbo. 2 vols. London: John Murray. / (1971) New York: AMS Press.
    See Facsimile
  • AN ENGLISHMAN (1825). A Five Year’s Residence in Buenos Ayres during the Years 1820 to 1825. London: G.Herbert.  
    See Facsimile
  • BACKHOUSE, H. (1950). Among the Gauchos. London: Jarrolds.
  • BARCLAY W. S. (1904/1926). The Land of Magellan. London: Methuen & Co.
  • BARRETT, K. E. (1933). The Trenchant Wind. Cambridge: Heffer.
    About the author
  • BARRETT, K. E. & R. LeMoyne Barrett (1931). A Yankee in Patagonia: Edward Chace. Cambridge: Heffer.
    See Facsimile
  • BEAUMONT, J. A. B. (1828). Travels in Buenos Ayres, and the Adjacent provinces of the Rio de la Plata. London: unspecified publisher.
    See Facsimile
  • BEERBOHM, J. (1881). Wanderings in Patagonia, or, Life among the Ostrich Hunters. London: Chatto & Windus.
    See Facsimile
  • BINGHAM, H. (1911). Across South America; an Account of a Journey from Buenos Aires to Lima by Way of Potosi, with notes on Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Boston/New York: Houghton Miffin Company.
  • BORGES, J. L. (1964). ‘Two English poems’. In El Otro, el mismo, Obra Poética 1923 – 1964 (1982). Buenos Aires: Emecé: 262.
  • BOYLE, V. (ed.) (1999). A South American Adventure. Letters from George Reid 1867 - 1870. London: Self-published.
    See Facsimile
  • BRAND, C. (1828). Journal of a Voyage to Peru: A passage Across the Cordillera de los Andes in the Winter of 1827. Performed on Foot in the Snow, and a Journey Across the Pampas. London: Henry Colburn.
    See Facsimile
  • BRASSEY A. A. (1881) A Voyage in the "Sunbeam" our Home on the Ocean for eleven Months. London: Longmans, Green and Co.
  • BRIDGES, E. L. (1948). Uttermost Part of the Earth. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
    See Facsimile
    About the author
    On the Haberton estancia
    Facebook group on the author (in Spanish)
  • BRIDGES, T. (n/d). Yamana-English Dictionary. There is s copy in the British Museum. There is a 1933 edition by T. Hestermann, Modling, Austria. Reprinted by his family in Argentina in 1988.
  • BULFIN, W. (1997). Tales of the Pampas (bilingual edition). Buenos Aires: L.O.L.A.
    About the author
  • BURNSIDE, J. (2004). In Argentina: four poems. Unpublished.
  • CALDCLEUGH, A. (1825). Travels in South America, during the Years 1819 – 1820 – 1821. London: unspecified publisher.
    See Facsimile
  • CAMPBELL, A. B. (1953). When I was in Patagonia. Self-published.
    About the author
  • CAMPBELL SCARLETT, P. (1838). South America and the Pacific: Comprising a Journey Across the Pampas and the Andes, from Buenos Ayres to Valparaíso, Lima and Panama: with Remarks upon the Isthmus. London: Henry Colburn.
    See Facsimile
    About the author
  • CHATWIN, B. (1977). In Patagonia. London: Jonathan Cape.
    See Facsimile
    About the author
  • CRAWFORD, R. (1884). Across the Pampas and the Andes. London: Longmans, Green & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1899). The Ipané. London: T. Fisher Unwin.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1900). Thirteen Stories. London: Heinemann.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1902). Success. London: Duckworth & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1910). Hope. London: Duckworth & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1912). Charity. London: Duckworth & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1913). A Hatchment. London: Duckworth & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1916). Brought Forward. London: Duckworth & Co.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1924). The Conquest of the River Plate. London: Heinemann.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1930). The Horses of the Conquest. London: Heinemann.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1932) Writ in Sand. London: Heinemann.
  • CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R. B. (1936). Mirages. London/Toronto: Heinemann.
    About the author 
  • DARBYSHIRE, C. (1917). My Life in the Argentine Republic. London: F. Warne.
  • DARWIN, C. (1839). Journal and Remarks. London: Henry Colburn.
  • DARWIN, C. (1845 / 2001) The Voyage of the Beagle. New York: Modern Library.
    See Facsimile
    The Complete Works of Charles Darwin on line
    The Darwin Correspondence Project, books on the Beagle
  • DAVIE, J. C. (1805). Letters from Paraguay: Describing the.Settlements of Monte Video and Buenos Ayres. London: G. Robinson.
    See Facsimile
  • DICKINSON, B. B. N.Stories for Blackwoods of Edinburgh between 1950 and 1980.
  • DIXIE, F. (1880). Across Patagonia. London: Richard Bentley and Son / (1881) New York: R. Worthington.
    See Facsimile
  • DRABBLE, D. (1934): Passenger Ticket. London: Nicholson & Watson.
  • DURRELL, G. (1956) The Drunken Forest. London: Rupert Hart-Davis.
  • DURRELL, G. (1961 / 1975). The Whispering Land. New York: Penguin.
    About the author
  • FALKNER, T. (1774). A Description of Patagonia and the Adjoining Parts of South America, with a Grammar and a Short vocabulary, and Some Particulars Relating to Falkland's Islands. Hereford: unspecified publisher.
    The book as published was not his original work, but a compilation by William Combe, who used Falkner's papers. A second edition with an introduction and notes by Arthur E.S. Neuman was published in Chicago by Armann and Armann, 1935 (all quotations in this study are from this edition). 
  • FITZ –ROY, R. (1839). Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty’s Ships Adventure and Beagle, Between the Years 1826 and 1836, Describing their Examination of the Southern Shores of South America, and the Beagle’s Circumnavigation of the Globe. 3 Vols. London: Henry Colburn.
    See Facsimile
    HMS Beagle Voyage

    About the author
  • FLINT TAYLOR, J. (n/d). ‘Argentine Memory’ and ‘Ombú Trees’ (poems). Unpublished.
  • FORWOOD, W. A. (n/d). Should I (or You) Forget. Unpublished manuscript.
  • FRANCE, M. (1998). Bad Times in Buenos Aires. London: Phoenix.
    About the author
  • FRANCK H. A. (1921). Working North from Patagonia; Being the Narrative of a Journey, Earned on the Way, Through Southern and Eastern South America. New York: Garden City Publishing Co.
  • FRANCK H. A. (1943). Rediscovering South America; Random Wanderings from Panama to Patagonia and Back, Reviewing a Continent the Author Covered, Mainly on Foot a Generation Ago. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company.
  • FRASER, J. F. (1914). The Amazing Argentine. A New Land of Enterprise. London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne: Cassell and Company Ltd.
    See Facsimile
  • GILLESPIE, A. (1818). Gleanings and Remarks: Collected During Many Months of Residence at Buenos Ayres, and Within the Upper Country. With a Prefatory Account of the Expedition from England, Until the Surrender of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, Under the Joint Command of Sir D. BAIRD, G.C.B. K.C. and Sir Home Popham, K.C.B. Leeds: Dewhirst for the author.
    See Facsimile
  • GRAHAM GREENE, H. (1973). The Honorary Consul. London: Bodley Head.
  • GRAHAM-YOOLL, A. (1972) Se habla spanglés. Buenos Aires : Ediciones de la Flor. Reprinted: Lumiere, Buenos Aires, 1998, together with Day to Day and two short collections in Spanish.
  • GRAHAM-YOOLL, A. (1973). Day to Day. Buenos Aires: the author. Reprinted: Lumiere, Buenos Aires, 1998, as part of Se Habla Spanglés.
  • GRAHAM-YOOLL, A. (1981). A State of Fear. Memories of Argentina’s Nightmare. London: Eland Books (Reprinted 2000).
  • GRAHAM-YOOLL, A. (1991). So Very English. London: Serpent’s Tail. 
  • GRAHAM-YOOLL, A. (1999) Goodbye Buenos Aires. Nottingham: Shoestring Press (published in Spanish in Buenos Aires by Ediciones de la Flor in 1997).
  • GRIERSON, W. (1825/2000). ‘The Voyage of the Symmetry’. In: Stewart, I.A.D.(ed.) (2000). From Caledonia to the Pampas.
  • GUEDALLA, P. (1932). Argentine Tango. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
  • GUEDALLA, P. (1938). Ragtime and Tango. London: Hodder and Stoughton. 
    About the author
  • HAIGH, S. (1831). Sketches of Buenos Ayres, Chile and Peru. London: Effingham Wilson. 
    See Facsimile of Buenos Aires and Chile
    See Facsimile of Buenos Aires, Chile and Peru
  • HAMMERTON, J. A. (1916). The Argentine through English Eyes and a Summer in Uruguay. London, New York, Toronto: Hodder and Stoughton
  • HAMMERTON, J. A. (1928). Memories of Books and Places. London: Sampson Low, Marston.
  • HEAD, F. B. (1826). Rough Notes Taken During some Rapid Jouneys Across the Pampas and Among the Andes. London: John Murray.
  • HEAD, F. B. (1827). Reports on the Failure of the Río de la Plata Mining Association.
    See Facsimile
    About the author
  • HUDSON, W. H. (1885/1911). The Purple Land. London: Duckworth. 
    See Facsimile
  • HUDSON, W. H. (1893). Idle Days in Patagonia. London: Chapman & Hall. 
    See Facsimile
  • HUDSON, W. H. (1902). El Ombú and Other Stories.
    See Facsimile
  • HUDSON, W. H. (1918 / 1991). Far Away and Long Ago A childhood in Argentina. London: Eland. 
    See Facsimile
  • HUDSON, W. H. (1921) A Traveller in Little Things. London: J. Dent. 
    See Facsimile
    The estancia Veinticinco Ombúes and Hudson’s birthplace (texts in Spanish)
    The Hudson birthplace, museum and ecological reserve
  • INTER, N. O. (1911). Argentina and her People of Today; an Account of the Customs, Characteristics, Amusements, History and Advancements of the Argentinians and the Development and Resources of the Country. Boston: L.C. Page and Co.
  • JOHNSON, H. C .R. (1868). A Long Vacation in the Argentine Alps, or Where to Settle in the River Plate States. London: Richard Bentley.
  • KING, J. A. (1846). Twenty four years in the Argentine Republic; embracing the Author's Personal Adventures, with the Civil and Military History of the Country and an Account of its Political Condition, before and during the Administration of Governor Rosas; his course of policy; the causes and character of his interference with de Government of Monte Video, and the circumstances which led to the interposition of England and France. London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longman.
    See Facsimile
  • KIRKWOOD, K. P. (1945) Under Argentine Skies. unspecified publisher.
  • LITTLETON, S. (2001) Kite Paper. Forth Worth, Texas, USA: Waltsan Publishing.
  • LITTLETON, S. (2004) Corn Woman. Forth Worth, Texas, USA: Waltsan Publishing.
  • LITTLETON, S. (1989/ 2007) Images. Buenos Aires: Botella al Mar.
  • LITTLETON, S. (1999/ 2010) Mélange. Buenos Aires: Botella al Mar. The collections of poems listed are all bilingual editions, when there are two dates the latter indicates the bilingual edition of an original version in Spanish.
    Interview (in Spanish)
  • Mac CANN, W. (1853). Two Thousand Miles on Horseback through the Argentine Provinces. London: Smith, Elder & Co.
    See Facsimile
  • MacCORMACK, W. (1944). The Kilrane Boys. In Ranson, J. (ed.) (1948/1975). Songs of the Wexford Coast. Wexford: John English & Co.
    Blog entry in Spanish
  • MACKINNON, L. B. (1848). Steam Warfare in the Paraná, A Narrative Of Operations, By The Combined Squadrons Of England And France, In Forcing A Passage Up That River. London: Charles Ollier. 
    See Facsimile
  • MACKINNON, N. B. (1997/2003). An Estancia in Patagonia. Buenos Aires: L.O.L.A
  • MASEFIELD, J. (1918). ‘Rosas’ (a long poem). In Collected Poems, 1923. 
    See Facsimile
  • MASEFIELD, J. (1913). The Daffoldil Fields. London: Heinemann.
    About the author
  • MAWE, J. (1816). Travels in the Interior of Brazil, particularly in the Gold and Diamond Districts of that Country, by Authority of the Prince Regent of Portugal, Including a Voyage to the Rio de La Plata, and An Historical Sketch of the Revolution of Buenos Ayres. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown. / (1816) Philadephia: M. Carey.
    See Facsimile
    About the author
  • MEYER, G. O. R. (1962). Sweet Water and Bitter. London: Methuen. 
  • MEYER, G. O. R. (1963). Death in the Campo. London: Methuen. A volume that includes three novellas (‘The House of Dolls’, ‘Quits’, and ‘Death in the Campo’).
  • MEYER, G. O. R. (1965). The River and the People. London: Methuen.  
    About the author
  • MIERS, J. (1826). Travels in Chile and La Plata, 2 Vols., London: Baldwin, (1970) New York: AMS Press.
    See Facsimile
    About the author (botanist)
  • MIKES, G. (1961). Tango: A Solo Across South America. London: Deutsch.
    About the author
  • MONTEFIORE, S. (2001). Meet Me Under the Ombú Tree. Philadelphia: Coronet Books.
    About the author
  • MORGAN, P. (1996): Selected Poems, 1960-1990. Redbeck, Bradford, Inglaterra.
  • MUSTERS, G. C. (1871). At Home with the Patagonians, a year’s wondering over untrodden ground from the Straits of Magellan to the Río Negro. London: Murray. 
  • NEVIN, K. (1946). You’ll Never Go Back. Boston: Bruce Humphries.
    Reference in
  • OWEN, W. H. Poems published in The Standard.
  • OWEN, W. H. (1933) The Gaucho Martín Fierro – Adapted from the Spanish and Rendered into English Verse by Walter Owen with drawings by Alberto Güiraldes. Blackwell, Oxford. / New York: Farra & Rinehart, 1936. Editorial Pampa, Buenos Aires, 1960.
  • PARISH, W. (1838). Buenos Aires and the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata. London: Murray. 
    See Facsimile
  • PILLING, W. (1878). Ponce de Leon, or the Rise of the Argentine Republic. London: Chapman & Hall.
  • PILLING, W. [An estanciero] (1879) (listed as 1895 by O’Halloran). Near the Lagunas: or, scenes in the States of La Plata. London: Chapman and Hall.
    About the author
  • POOL, M. (1997). Where the Devil Lost his Poncho. Edinburgh: Pentland Press.
  • PRICHARD, H. (1902). Through the Heart of Patagonia. London: Heinemann.
  • PROCTOR, R. (1825). Narrative of a Journey Across the Cordillera de los Andes... In the Years 1823 and 1824. Edinburgh: Hurst & Robinson.
    See Facsimile
  • PYNCHON, T. (1973/1995). Gravity’s Rainbow. London and New York: Vintage.
    (For a study of the references to Argentina see the article by Samuel Thomas)
  • RICKARD, F. I. (1863). A Mining Journey Across the Great Andes; with Exploration in the Silver Mining Districts of the Provinces of San Juan and Mendoza, and a Journey Across the Pampas to Buenos Aires. London: Smith Elder & Co.
  • ROBERTSON, J. P. and W. P. (1843). Letters on South America; Comprising Travels on the Banks of the Parana and the Rio de la Plata, Vol. III. London: John Murry.
    See Facsimile
  • ROBSON, J. (2000). ‘Faith Hard tried’: The Memoir of Jane Robson. In: Stewart, I.A.D. (ed.) (2000). From Caledonia to the Pampas.Facsimile
  • SHAKESPEARE, N. (1998). 'The Princess of the Pampa'. In Callil, C. & C. Raine (eds.) (1998). New Writing 7. Vintage.
  • SHAND, W. (1942) Dead Season’s Heritage.
  • SHAND, W. (1978) Select Poems.
  • SHAND, W. (1981a) Poemas, bilingual edition.
  • SHAND, W. (1981b) Nine Poems, bilingual edition.
  • SHAND, W. (1985) Collected Poems.
  • SHAND, W. (1988. Poemas (1984-1987). Bilingual edition. Buenos Aires: Grupo Editor Latinoamericano.
    About the author and his work: On La Nación Journal (in Spanish) by John Walker
  • STEPHENS, H. (1920). Journeys and Experiences in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile; Including a Side Trip to the Source of the Paraguay River in the State of Matto Gross, Brazil and a Journey Across the Andes to the Rio Bambo in Peru. New York: The Knickerbocker Press.
  • TAM O’ STIRLING, ‘Account of the Voyage of the Symmetry’, transcribed from DODDS, J., Records of the Scottish Settlers, 24 – 26 and included as Appendix I in: Stewart, I.A.D.(ed.) (2000). From Caledonia to the Pampas.
  • TEMPLE, E. (1833) Travels in Various Parts of Peru, Including a Year’s Residence in Potosi. 2 Vols. Philadelphia - Boston: Carey Lilly.
    See Facsimile
  • THEROUX, P. (1979). The Old Patagonian Express. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.
    See Facsimile
    About the author and his work
  • THORNTON, L. (1997/1991). Imagining Argentina. New York: Bantam.
    About the author and his work
  • TSCHIFFELY, A .F. (1940). This Way Southward: the Account of a Journey Through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
  • TSCHIFFELY, A. F. (1943). The Tale of two Horses. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
  • TSCHIFFELY, A. F. (1948). Ming and Ping Illustrated by Caney. London: Hodder and Stoughton.
  • URE, J. (1973). Cucumber Sandwiches in the Andes. London: Constable.
  • VIDAL, E. E. (1822 / 1944). Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video consisting of twenty-four views; accompanied with Descriptions of the scenery and of the costumes, manners, etc. of the inhabitants. London: R. Ackermann.
    See Facsimile
  • WEBSTER, W. H. B. (1834). Narrative of a Voyage to the Southern Ocean, in the Years 1828,1829,1830. 2 Vols. London. (1970) Folkestone - London: Dawson of Pall Mall. 
    See Facsimile
  • WILKINSON, S. (1988a). Sebastian’s Pride. England: Michael Joseph.
  • WILKINSON, S. (2007) The Mimosa: The life & times of the ship that sailed to Patagonia: The Life and Times of the Ship That Sailed to Patagonia. Aberystwyth, Wales: Y Lolfa.
    See Facsimile
  • WILSON, D. B. (n/d). Tales of the Red Earth. Buenos Aires: The Bulletin of the British Community.

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